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Hiking on Torrent

Torrent Sommer Panorama

From spring to autumn, the Torrent region offers different hiking possibilities, from simple walks on the panorama to easy hikes on various Alps, or even a balancing act on Torrenthorn. Enjoy the nature, experience the tranquility of the mountains and do something for your fitness. The various walks start in the valley of Leukerbad (1411 meters above sea level) or Flaschen (1540 meters above sea level), as well as in the middle station Torrentalp (1928 meteres above sea level) or at the upper station Rinderhütte (2350 meters above sea level).

From the upper station Rinderhütte with its pnaoramic restaurant you have a wonderful view over the Alps to the Rhone Valley.

Here are a few hiking suggestions, more details can be found in our hiking booklet.
It contains route descriptions, altitude profiles and the respective map section.
The booklet is available at the ticket offices of the stations for CHF 2.00.

  • Torrentalp - Rinderhütte (1:30):
    A steep switchbacks leads from the valley station of the gondola to the mountain station Rinderhütte. The hike is recommendable in both directions.

  • Torrentalp - Planedri - Flaschen (0:45):
    From the middle station on the Planedri to the first gondola station. Continue by bus to Leukerbad or Albinen. The hike is recommandable in both directions.

  • "Wysse See" (3:30):
    The lake is located at 2337 meters above sea level of the hiking paradise of the Torrent region between the Rinderhütte and Restipass. It offers an incredible view of the four peaks of the Alps and a stunning view of the Rhone valley.

  • "Tour of Alps" Albinen - Torrentalp (2:30):
    From Albinen on Boveri the middle station of the gondola Torrentalp. The hike recommandable in both directions.

  • "Chermignon" Torrentalp - Chermignon - Rinderhütte (2:30):
    This walk takes you from the central station to Alpe Torrentalp, to Alpe Chermignon and goes back towards Rinderhütte.

  • "Horlini" Rinderhütte - Chermignon - Oberugalm - Rinderhütte (4:20):
    A hike from from Alpe to Alpe around the Horlini, it has breathtaking views of the Rhone valley.

  • "Majingbärgji" Rinderhütte - Flüealp - Flüekapelle - Clabinualp - Leukerbad (3:05):
    This route is only recommenaded for hikers with good footwear. Follow the directions Rinderhütte - Torrenthorn  to Rinderhalde, here is a guide that shows the direction to Flüealp. From there to the forest chapel Flüekapelle and below the disk horns over Clabinualp to Leukerbad.

  • "Restipass" Rinderhütte - Restipass - Lauchernalp (5:00):
    A safe and rewarding mountain tour. In the southeast below the Schafberg along the slope slightly uphill to Schnydi. Descending the trail it leads eastwards to Wysse lake 2337 meters above sea level and continue on a steep Dorbeggen up to Restipass. On well-marked path it goes down to Restialp, according Kummenalp - Hockenalp - Lauchernalp and then take the cable car to Wiler.

  • "Gratweg" Rinderhütte - Vorgipfel - Schafberg - Rinderhütte (2:30):
    The trail starts at the mountain station Rinderhütte, from here you follow the hike on Torrenthorn to the rocky summit. From Vorgipfel the road in a southerly direction along the ridge leading up to the Schaftberg. From the Schafberg, follow the blue and white flag in a southwesterly direction down the slope and then goes on the trail back to Rinderhütte. Those who like to feel adreanline in the body should not miss this trails in any case! Important are a good head for heights surefootedness.

  • "Talabfahrt" Rinderhütte - Tunnel - Feuillerette - Leukerbad (2:00), easily accessible:
    A broad path leads towards lower station ski lift Rinderhalde through the tunnel down to Alpe Feuillerette. From here various routes lead to Leukerbad.

  • "Torrenthorn" Rinderhütte - Torrenthorn (2:50):
    From Torrenthorn you can enjoy a spectacular view of Jungfrau, Bietschhorn, Monte-Leone, Weissmies, Mischabel, Monte Rosa, Matterhorn, Grand Combin, Mont-Blanc and any more Alpine peaks. An unique mountain panorama of 360°.

  • "Wolfstritt" Leukerbad - Wolfstritt - Torrentalp - Rinderhütte (2:15):
    A wonderful hike leads from Leukerbad via the Serpentine "Wolfstritt", partly through forest, until Rinderhütte.

  • "777" Flaschen - Torrentalp - Rinderhütte (2:50):
    The name gest this walk from the Night Race 777, which attracts many enthusiatics skiers in the region in December.


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